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AquaZooba build 310924
posted by: poser

Since acidx has released his source code for Aqua and Zoobazooba aimed for i386 class processors, many companies have decided to make their own distributions of Aqua and ZoobaZooba. Posersoft founded by Poser, is releasing AquaZooba, an operating system that uses Aqua and ZoobaZooba. Portions of the Mach kernel was used fo developing AquaZooba. Pentium and G4 optimizations was used to make the operating system faster than its competitors.

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Microsoft.com hacked
posted by: ski

Micosoft.com has been defaced. Who cares. Let's celebrate.

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Animated ascii pr0n movie
posted by: curiousfag

Did anyone see the animated ascii pr0n movie directed by dirac?

Debian is cool.
posted by: poser

A couple of months ago, I had bought shitty ass Mandrake. I didn't like it. I tried debian and its bitching. I love it. It's quality, not like the bullshit I ran a few months ago, and the company that also is apart of microsoft(mandrakesoft). Mandrake sucks ass and I hate it because it's evil. Thank you for your time.

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BK & Artwiz's RPG beta
posted by: bkenoah

Leave me alone. I won't be accepting anymore beta testers. Let me get this damn thing done. Stop spamming me with tons of mail, the final release isn't even out!

Mandrakesoft's secret confession
posted by: anonymous user

Jacques Le Marois confesses that Mandrakesoft was secretly using NT5 source code in their current operating system. This is why this operating won't work because it's fucking bullshit, ya heard?

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