Hello, and welcome to orangray, my 3rd design for OSWD. First, I'd like to tell a little about myself and who I am. I own my own web design company, Principle of Design, but have been designing for 5 years. It may be a little surprising but I'm only 15 years old and am a sophomore in high school. I stay basically inside on my computer all day except for school and gym practice. But enough about me, the the one aspect of design, or rather other people's design, that annoys me the most is that they don't see what they're creating. Also, I hope you've liked my crappy filler text about myself.

 Thoughts On This Design
I have been considering making an orange and gray design for quite some time, but never got around to it until now. I really like the sort of drop shadow look the these boxes have. It works quite nice although its pretty complicated when you don't use an editor. I draw out and code all of my designs by hand, and they can sometimes get quite lengthy. As you can see, the name is just a blend of orange and gray.

 Design Usage
This design was made to be full screen on a 640x480, but works with any resolution.

Anyone is free to use this design, but if you do, email me please. Thanks!
This design, orangray, my 3rd design for OSWD, made today by gymnerd from Principle of Design.

Total Time: 1:22 hrs

  Adam Particka - gymnerd



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