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21 Aug 2003

Evolver, the result of Rialto's genetic web-engineering, is finally released.
17 Oct 2002

Pasilda design released by Adal.
Thank you for the W3C compliant improvements
06 Apr 2002

Wanker design released by Deadbeat.
Thank you for the colour scheme.
03 Jan 2002

Original Libra design released today by Whompy.
Thank you for the layout


Evolver is a W3C compliant hybrid of three other OSWD designs:

  • Whompy's Libra design was cool, but with somewhat untidy code. It also lacked W3C compliance.
  • The layout of Deadbeat's Wanker design was slightly off balance, also lacked W3C compliance, but had a magnificent colour scheme.
  • Adal's Pasilda tidied things up brilliantly. W3C compliance was finally attained, but for some reason it had the clinicly clean look of a MS Frontpage template. (Sorry.)

dynamic versus fixed page size

Whompy and Deadbeat went with a fixed page width in all browsers. Adal decided on a layout that accomodated the entire width of the browser.

Evolver lets you decide. Although the width of this template is currently fixed, feel free to search the source for "Dynamic resizing tip's". There's only two adjustments to make if you prefer a full-screen layout.

html/css compliance

This design was tested with Konqueror 3.1.2, Mozilla 1.4 and Opera 7.11. It looks and behaves identically in all. It was validated and it complies with the W3C HTML 4.01 Specification.

Lee J. Moore, 2003

Last Update: 21 August 2003