Latest news:

June 25, 2006:
One year anniversary of andreas01! I celebrate it by releasing a new version (v2.0) with new features and lots of improvements.

June 25, 2005:
Andreas releases his first free XHTML/CSS website template: andreas01 v1.0.


Working with the template

Example content imageThe layout features one big image called "front.jpg", which you can easily replace with your own header. The default image shows a snowy street in Porjus (northern Sweden), where I grew up. All sections of this site has filler content, but you can use a regular text editor to replace the default content with your own texts and images. Add your own page title, your own slogan, some images and some links - and you can have a website ready without having to worry about the design.

The main navigation menu is an unsorted list, where each list item has been styled to be a button. There are lots of ways to style lists for navigation, but I've kept things simple for this layout. Adding "that little extra" is up to you!

Add-ons and extras

Every now and then, I release tempalte add-ons on my website. Additional images, alternate versions, code snippets and modifications of the templates are some of the things that may appear on the site. You may also want to look for alternative versions and theme versions for WordPress and other blogs and content management systems. If you make a port of this template, please let me know and I'll link to it from my site.