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  This is the old site design for and I felt like one-upping everybody else by donating a design that took me all of about 2 hours to design. (Granted, on LFS, it was generated automatically by my ASP template) Ya like it? I thought it was pretty smooth for the time being, but have since gone to a much nicer interface. Yes I can, and will, plug my website as much as possible. ;) This website works for resolutions as low as 800x600 (was actually designed with 800x600 in mind) and can expand to any resolution above. And yes, I do have enough tables(11 total) in this page.    
  Posted by: Sentry 05/07/2001    

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  It was discovered today that kiddies who think "31337" means "elite" are more prone to be suffering from brain damage and may be apt to do voluntary acts of ignorance by using prewritten scripts for personal gain. Sufferers also exhibit delusional spastic behavior in some cases, and have been known to repeat the same phrases over and over when irritated. If your child shows any signs of scripkiddius syndrome, please contact your local mafia or militia to come and remove the peoblem for the rest of us.    
  Posted by: Sentry 05/07/2001    

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  In what some claim to be an unrelated story, the websites of several major companies were reported to be hacked into by unknown delinquents using what authorities say were "the same, calculated methods" on each. Script kiddies? You be the judge.    
  Posted by: Sentry 05/07/2001    
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